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Bella Angelic SkinCare in Scottsdale / Skin Health and Treatment Options

Bella Angelic SkinCare in Scottsdale / Skin Health and Treatment Options

Bella Angelic SkinCare in Scottsdale / Skin Health and Treatment Options Bella Angelic SkinCare in Scottsdale / Skin Health and Treatment Options


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Go skin deep and learn a little more about who Bella Angelic SkinCare is, values, believes and what Bella Angelic SkinCare stands for. It's more than just a skincare business. 

Special National Certification and Memberships


What It means to be an NCEA National Certified Esthetician

The NCEA Certified credential is the National Certification for Estheticians, or other Licensed Professionals, who meet the advanced training standards as set-forth by the NCEA. It is equivalent to a 1200-hour licensing program. Becoming NCEA Certified represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States.   

What it means to be an Advanced Paramedical Aesthetics Certified Esthetician

Professional Training in Medical Aesthetics and Advanced Techniques for the Treatment of Acne, Hyperpigmentation and Age management.


What it means to be an Oncology Trained and Certified Esthetician

An Esthetician certificated in Oncology Esthetics helps provide relief for clients dealing with cancer, easing their symptoms and skin reactions and improving their overall sense of well-being. The modified spa treatments that oncology esthetician provides, helps clients cope with cancer, cancer treatment, and its side effects.


Let me introduce myself


After 18 Years My Passion For Skin Remains The Same

 "Nobody likes looking older but we all eventually will. There is no cure but we can slow down the aging process, turn back the aging clock a bit and maintain it through proper skin education, the right skin care products, professional treatments and the right home care regimen. Having spend time working in the Cosmetic Surgery field taught me a great deal of what truly works and what does not, when it comes to skincare treatments. By gaining this additional experience I can have open and honest communications with my clients of what the expected outcome will be for them. Earning my esthetics license here in AZ wasn’t enough for me, I took it a few steps further by becoming an Advanced Paramedical Aesthetics,  Oncology Trained and NCEA Nationally Certified Esthetician. 
Being also one of the more “mature” professionals in my field, I know what your skin is going through at a young age and definitely, through experience, the care it deserves at a more seasoned age. Two more qualities, which I believe set me apart from other talented Professionals in my field.
I enjoy spending time with my family, writing monthly newsletters and teaching skincare education classes to my clients a couple times a year. I take pride in my work and being the very best I can be for my clients. It is important to me to continue to educate myself for our mutual benefit and to stay on the cutting edge. The day I stop learning will be the day I stop practicing. I am honored to be able to read your skin's PAST, treat your skin's PRESENT, and guide you to a healthy skin FUTURE!"                            
                                                                                                   Blessings, Michaela  


Treatments Designed For Men & Women

Every client I treat is special and so is their skin. All skin care treatments are customized to your own unique skin care needs; ranging from rejuvenating Facials, Professional Peels, Microneedling and more. Myth, skincare is not for men. Men's skin is just as important as women's skin. I am here to show you how and to keep it simple.


"Aging is a fact of Life. Looking your age is not."

              Invest In Your Skin. It's The ONLY One You've Got!

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